Metal Pan Ceiling

Our ceiling panels provide architects, engineers and interior planners with tremendous flexibility in design and conceptualization

Our Metal Pan ceiling was developed for areas where a walk-on-ceiling is not required. It is a cost-effective way for us to provide a cleanroom ceiling manufactured from the same material as our panels.


The clip-in ceiling tiles can be easily removed, offering full flexibility for future maintenance. The ceiling tiles can be manufactured in various sizes, the standard range being either 600x600mm or 600x1200mm. These ceiling tiles can be modified to house bespoke products such as skylights, lighting and imagery We are able to manufacture the ceiling tiles with perforations and bond an acoustic baffle to the rear of the tile, reducing reverberation and improving acoustic.


Our products are delivered to site prefabricated, minimising site disruption, improving construction programmes and diminishing health and safety risks.


Projects where we've used this product:

Global Packing Centre FOR ASTRAZENECA

The project comprised the manufacture, supply and installation of 6000m2 of partitioning system to create a highly specified cGMP packing facility for AstraZeneca in Macclesfield, UK.


Our scope of work encompassed design and installation of Norwood's Mediline partition system to create an IS07-classified cleanroom along with a number of laboratory environments.

Pharmaceutical QA Laboratory

We completed a refurbishment of a quality assurance (QA) laboratory utilising several products, including Mediline partitions, metal pan ceilings, walk-on ceilings and various types of doors.

Working with architects, main contractors and end-users, we deliver bespoke and performance-driven cleanroom systems, tailored to the specific needs of each client.




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Technical Specification

Top of spring tee to the base of the tile is 45mm

0.5mm gauge pre-coat materials

We can provide alternative thicknesses on request

Pre-formed steel panels with a Foodsafe Laminate on a galvanised substrate.

Various colours available

Samples and data sheets can be provided on request

Class O Spread of Flame (BS: 476-6 & 7).

cGMP Grade B to Unclassified 

Acoustic inlays can be provided upon request

Thermal inlays can be provided on request

Metal-Pan 600x600mm – 5.6 W(m²K)

Pressure – Leakage
0-45Pa – 0.00L/s
50Pa – 0.05L/s
55Pa – 0.07L/s
60Pa – 0.11L/s
Other pressures are available on request.

Joint Treatment: silicone or flush push in dry PVC gasket